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Confirm Identity

The first step is to confirm the species, strain, and origin of our kratom. This means that when you order our Vietnam lab-tested Mitra Fresh, for example, that's the exact strain you'll receive.

Test for Alkaloids

The alkaloids are the lifeblood of Mitra Fresh but are safest within their natural limits. This test identifies the alkaloids that are present and ensures they haven't been altered or enhanced.

Test for Adulterants

The surge in demand for lab-tested Mitra Fresh comes on the heels of toxicity scares that are almost always a result of adulterated Mitra Fresh. This test identifies any foreign adulterants so that you can rest assured that your product is pure.

Test for Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury can be drawn up into the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa from the soil. The heavy metal test identifies any substances present and indicates whether the levels meet the acceptable thresholds.

Test for Biological Safety

What you get with
your Lab-Tested Mitra Fresh

When you receive your bag of premium Mitra Fresh, you will see a sticker on the back with a Batch ID that identifies the batch series, strain, and date. This batch ID makes it possible for us to ensure the raw materials and blended batches meet our standards of quality and cleanliness. Shop or trustworthy Mitra Fresh and contact our friendly team for help with product selection, shipping, returns, and certificates of analysis.

Certificates Of Analysis

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